“It is my mission to bring about change one small down dog, one small seed planted in the ground, one inspirational word spoken at a time!”

Welcome to Lula Rose, part of the growing global movement committed to healing ourselves, our communities, our environment and our planet Earth. One small person joining with millions of other small people doing their bit to orchestrate change.

I am committed to creating inspirational work, to be inspired by the people I work with, and live to experience as much joie de vivre as humanly possible! Sustainability is at the heart of my ethos; yoga, breath, nutrition, social consciousness, greater mindfulness are all tools we use to facilitate health, well being, longevity and transformation. Therefore, it is my aim to use these time tested tools to coach and facilitate your journey into transformation. 

I manifested many negative stories and events in my life, namely the sudden death of my son who was killed in a freak accident age 2 in 2003, and several painful relationship break ups. Layer by layer, I began piecing my life back together, using all the tools of the trade: yoga, breath work, movement, nutrition, dietary & lifestyle changes, therapy, coaching, mindfulness, energy work, communication approaches and becoming conscious.

Step by step I embraced my own transformation; from a scared insecure girl, not even feeling worthy of life, to a most radiant being, fully believing in myself!

“The purpose of life is to be in constant transformation…We are always evolving. Learning to listen to our body-mind is a skill in itself!”


Yoga Teacher IYN
AcroYoga Teacher Level 1
Yoga Therapy
Functional Fitness Teacher
Naturopathic Nutrition Consultant
The Travelling Kitchen – Healthy Bespoke Catering
Superfoods for A Super You
T: +44 7976 060813

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