Sowing the Seeds of Alchemy

I wouldn’t put anything on my skin that I wouldn’t eat! This is the guiding philosophy behind my¬†Kitchen Witch range of superfood-based body products.

Health is as much about what we eat, as it is about what we put on our bodies.

Kitchen Witch products, including Mocha Pie Body Scrub, and Whipped Coconut Cream, are based on superfoods such as; Cacao butters and pastes, Macca, Bee pollen, Goji Berries, Boabob Powder, Lucuma and Spirulina (organically sourced where possible).

In Service To You and Your Supreme Health

I also offer nutrition advice and consultations. My work is based on naturopatic principles, borne out of a fierce desire not to be poisoned by the big food corporations, and take responsibiliy for my own health! Educating myself and implementing these practises for myself and my family means I’m committing to longevity and saying “yes” to good health.

“The modern day hunter-gatherer needs to understand how to read food labels!”

In the last 50 years, we’ve been exposed to tens of thousands of chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, and more herbicides and pesticides. Not to mention an increase in heavy metal pollution from car exhausts, factories, plastics, teflons, cleaning products, chemical agents, petri-chemical based products. That’s not including GMOs, Glyphosate, a massive increase in Pharmaceutical drug use, Xeno-oestrogens etc. It’s a minefield, literally, and we haven’t evolved biologically to cope. More to the point, our livers haven’t evolved. They are literally overloaded with detoxing this toxic chemical soup!¬†

So it’s more important than ever, to understand and navigate food and lifestlye choices to counteract the effects of all this. It is my mission to spread this message as far and wide as possible!


What I Can Do For You


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Seaweed Spaghetti Pesto & Kale Salad

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Green Goddess Smoothie Breakfast Bowl Recipe

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The more we can support local farmers to grow healthy foods, and encourage the farmer to utilise techniques such as replenishing soils, crop rotation etc, community involvement, the greater the benefit to everyone.

Contained within the myriad of packets and boxes on the supermarket shelves have been produced with no mind towards ecology, environment, local sustainability, fare trade or the health of the people eating it. Environmentally, mono-agriculture is simply a disaster. In fact this highly processed food high in sugars and chemical foods stuffs is the number one cause for the rise in obesity and other emerging health issues of our time.

Factory and battery farming is out of control, all about the consumer having what it wants, when it wants…. This is simply not sustainable not to mention insanely cruel, nutritionally defunct, need I go on? It is now becoming widely understood the commercial meat industry is responsible for more global warming than all the cars and aeroplanes, factories and Fukushima put together. That’s food for thought.

I’m not suggesting we all become vegan, although increasing mindfulness and awareness around our food choices can help to direct us to the local organic or additive free conscious meat farmers. The more we support them and be prepared to ‘go without’ occasionally, gradually positive change happens.